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school parent and pupil surveys and questionnaires

Our easy to use survey tools allow schools to actively engage pupils, parents (and even staff!) in giving their views about their learning community.

Designed from the ground up for UK primary schools, our questionnaires are supplied ready to use with very little admin by schools.

@MySchool surveys are superb for helping with school self evaluation and in completing the OFSTED SEF (Self Evaluation Form). They particularly help to provide validated evidence for completing Part 2 (Views of learners, parents, carers and other stakeholders), Part 4 (Personal Development and well-being) and Part C (Information about compliance with statutory requirements).

Unlike some similar tools, our surveys are ready populated with carefully researched questions that enable schools to not only address the requirements of the SEF but also make judgements about how well they are implementing the wider Every Child Matters agenda.

Of course, if schools wish to add questions of their own or adapt the surveys in any other way, they can do so very simply!