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With our school and pupil surveys you can quickly canvas the views of members of your school community:

  • Designed specifically for UK schools
  • Ready populated with carefully researched questions for pupils and parents
  • Easily edited / adapted with your own questions
  • Instant graphing and charting of results
  • Filtering and cross-tabulation of results to provide swift and accurate analysis
  • Download results into Excel or other spreadsheets
  • Re-use surveys as often as you wish whilst a subscriber
  • Design and publish your own surveys on any topic you wish
  • Web hosted - no software to install - access from anywhere
  • Integrates with your own school website, if required
  • Graphics and high quality sound make surveys accessible even by the youngest children
  • Cost effective - save hours of time in analysing paper-based questionnaires
  • Linked closely to SEF and Key Outcomes from Every Child Matters
  • Secure and manageable for busy headteachers and their staff
  • 24 hour online support
  • Try before you buy - please explore our fully working demo